WRC News

             The WRC News is a monthly news broadcast that takes place on site in the WRC News studio at the school. Students within grades 4-6 have the opportunity to create live broadcasts and a message board to the students, staff, families and other guests. The students fill out permission form and are then placed on a WRC News team. During the month the students have the opportunity to take on a role in preparation for their broadcast.

The roles include:
- photographer
- videographer
- reporter
- anchor person
- sound board controller
- switcher - switching from live footage to pre-recorded footage
- recorder - recording the broadcast on to a DVD burner

- message board editor

The broadcast features live reporting on the day of the newscast, along with pre-recorded footage from the week. The broadcast takes place the last Thursday of each month starting at 8:20 am unless the day has to be changed due to in-services or holidays.